My Cancer Fight
Beating Cancer

Do you have cancer?  Did you have cancer and beat it?  Do you know someone who is fighting cancer?  Join US who are or have battled Cancer for support, information and sharing!

Illness effects not only the patient but the entire family.  Utilizing a straightforward nutritional approach to health & healing is often difficult for the patient to explain.  We help the family understand the basics of a nutritional approach to healing. We work with you to educate your family and your doctors just what a Plant Based Lifestyle is all about.  It does not interfere with your current/planned medical treatments; it can only help them be more effective.
In many cases we have experienced and seen full reversal of many illnesses, elimination of medication/drugs and ongoing treatments.  You may save not only your life but you will save countless dollar$ no longer needed for drugs/medications.  The major side effect is more energy, better vitality, health and longevity!

This is a New Site dedicated to all of US who have and are currently fighting cancer.  I will base much of the information on my personal experience ( but want to hear about YOUR struggles and efforts to combat this dreaded disease.

I'll offer articles here and on sister web sites for your review, comment and addition.  My focus has and continues to be on a Holistic Approach to Cancer with a concentration on a Plant Based Lifestyle.

Simple Steps to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Many people, including patients, are told to eat 'better', eat more fiber from vegetables and fruit, avoid high fat and salt etc.  Whether it is the physician or nutritionist the prescription is much the same; unfortunately, it is a prescription that can't be filled in the pharmacy!  This is where this book comes in.  Medical practitioners and nutritionists tell patients what to eat; we show them HOW to do it so they experience the DELICIOUS wonders of whole food plant based cuisine that is the centerpiece of a Plant-Based Lifestyle. 

Available for eBooks in ePub and Mobi Formats.

It will take a bit of time to get set up, so I ask for your patience.  I have a FaceBook Group of similar name as well.  This should facilitate interaction amongst US.

This site and the FB Group is focused on US.  Cancer patients, survivors to discuss OUR issues, trials, tribulations, successes and yes, failures.

There are lots of support sites for families and groups but I want THIS site and Our FB Group to be about US and will mostly restrict membership/activity to only those who have or have had cancer.  No one can better know than US what a diagnosis of Cancer Means!

More Coming As SOON as I can Get to It!