My Cancer Fight
Beating Cancer

OK, now in my seventh year since my initial diagnosis I have more than SURVIVED all this time and actually got a LOT HEALTHIER  in that time.  My main focus what with changing my lifestyle and nutritional profile.  I think I deserve to be called a SURVIVOR!  I now refer to my situation as a Nutritional Holistic Survivor?  Yea, I like that!
Cancer Wake Up Call

When you get diagnosed with cancer, it is a real kick in the butt (someone recently said I had poor direction as the kick was more frontal!), it isn't at ALL hopeless. By no means!!!!!!

In my case, it was a brutal wake up call to re-evaluate my lifestyle and choices I had and was making. It made me think about how precious life really is and how very short it can be. It also made me wonderfully THANKFULL for all my blessings; wife, family, friends and all those lovely people who I have yet to meet and will call my friends! Heck, I had made it to 65; much better than so many other souls.

Well in order to continue to enjoy and contribute to my family and friends, I have to LIVE and so I made the choice: I Choose LIFE!

Sounds pretty easy, this choice. Some would say, well it was obvious, but not so much. How you choose to Live your Life is critically important. Something caused the cancer you (or your loved one) now have. Was it genetics? Was it the fast food burgers? Was it lack of exercise? Pollution? Genetically Modified Foods (GMO), aspartame, hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup? Who really knows; your doctor sure as heck does NOT (just ask him/her).

In the end, it really doesn't matter how you contracted this cancer; the fact is that you have it and now must deal with it! This is where the life choice comes in. You can do one of three things:

1.  Listen to your Oncologist and do surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and suffer greatly with all the debilitating side effects. Maybe living 5 years as that is all they will tell you as the 'success' definition.

2.  Do Nothing – They call it 'watch and wait'. Wait for what for goodness sake?? A Miracle?

3.  Take control of your life, change your lifestyle, nutritional intake and cure yourself!

Well number three sounds like a pretty far fetched concept; you doctor will surly tell you it is! Cure yourself? Hogwash the allopathic medical community will say (well most of them anyway). The real TRUTH is that you CAN cure yourself; there is documented proof in so many areas, case studies etc. Research it; don't believe me!

Well, it isn't all that easy as it takes commitment and your whole family and support group to accomplish this miracle of self healing. I created this site and it's companion FaceBook Site to help US support each other!

Together we can share information, successes and failures as to what each of us is doing and have done and is planning to do.  It might help someone to understand that they are NOT ALONE!