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Plant Based Survivors

Welcome "Plant Based Survivors".  We are regular people, just like you, who have suffered from a lifestyle disease!  The difference may be, that we Surmounted our disease/challenge with an holistic approach focused on Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition!

But what is a Lifestyle Disease?  Most of todays ailments that so many suffer are directly or indirectly related to lifestyle and Nutrition.  It is what we are eating that contributes to most common diseases.

What are these diseases?  Diabetes 2, or adult onset diabetes and obesity have been climbing among the American and really the Planet's population. Then there is the killer, Heart Disease, in all it's many forms.  Clogged arteries, hypertension and stress related heart attacks.  Now, the big 'C' for Cancer.  Cancers used to be rare but now impact almost every family unit in America.

These are the most deadly but along with these, allergies, asthma, celiac and other intestinal ailments have also been skyrocketing in recent decades.  Everyone knows someone with one of these lifestyle diseases.  You may be suffering as well as a friend or loved one.

We are here to help you sort out some of the questions you may have.  You probably came to this site from a referral of another site or maybe a friend.  We are Survivors and Thrivers that suffered from one or more of these diseases we mentioned.  Yes we Survived and Thrived; many of us driven to consider alternative treatment modalities and, having adopted them, are healthier now than ever before.

HOW? you ask.  Well we all decided to adopt a Plant Based Lifestyle.  A lifestyle where we avoid all meat, fish, dairy and eggs.  It's not what you think, it is NOT a diet, it is a lifestyle change and we have all adopted it in one version or another.

Yes, there are a plethora of variations on the theme but the common denominator is a focus on Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition.  We will explore many of these variations in articles and references for you to research.

This site is meant to provide guidance and reference to others who have successfully beat disease with a Plant Based Lifestyle approach.  If you want to talk to someone who has suffered from a similar ailment or endured a similar treatment we hope to be able to refer you to another person in similar circumstances.

Learn how many have stopped/reversed their cancer and more.  

Listen what others have done!  You are NOT Alone!