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Too many, if not most, cancer patients are not provided complete, or even good, information about their disease. In most cases they are rushed off to chemo, radiation or surgery; the only accepted treatments by the AMA and the corrupt government. Most of these barbaric treatments never work or at best forestall a dramatic re-occurrence of cancer in a few years. At worst the patients are treated to Death. Many/most don't die of cancer, they die of the treatment or the side effects of the treatment.

Most if not all currently accepted 'treatments' for cancer destroy the natural immune system leaving the patient wide open to infection and devastating disease. The health care industry is corrupt and controlled by those supporting only the current barbaric and mostly ineffective 'treatments'.

You NEVER hear of those of US who have beat cancer holistically; without the barbaric 'treatments' and often without a doctor's assistance. Yea, there are thousands of US that you never ever hear about from your traditional medical practitioner!

Talk to other Cancer Survivors and Thrivers. We WANT to help but will never tell YOU what to do. It is a difficult and often painful decision that only YOU, the patient, can make.

Do NOT let the doctors rush you into a 'treatment' program without your full understanding of the side effects and long term benefits s well as the RISKS and side effects of their treatment. Ask to talk to people who are CURED, not just treated. They are truly hard to find!

BUT NOT US! Holistic and mostly Plant Based Lifestyle folks who have managed to beat cancer and so many other lifestyle diseases by simply (yes I did say it was simple and cheap too) changing Our lifestyle. Not a diet, not a treatment, a Lifestyle Change.

Research the Web, ask Me or others for advice and suggested books, videos and physicians who DO understand this approach to overall Health & Wellness. It Works!

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